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  1. ... And if you're stuck - we have instructional videos!

  2. 1. Start tracking your time!

  3. 2. Adding & inviting users to your Yanomo account

  4. 3a. Setting up a sync with Google Calendar

  5. 3b. Setting up a sync with Microsoft Outlook / Exchange

  6. 4. Setting up Yanomo privileges & access rights

  7. 5. Importing your legacy data

  8. 6. Accessing Yanomo via phone

  9. 7. Setting up roles, rates and activities

  10. 8. Creating your invoice template (Plan Business only)

  11. About copying projects, including timeframes

  12. Accessing time reports for people, clients and projects

  13. An overview of invoicing variables

  14. Configuring your invoice email reply-to settings

  15. Everything you need to know about exporting from Yanomo to Excel

  16. How can I change my password?

  17. How can I get rid of the finished projects in my project overview?

  18. How can I upgrade a subproject to standalone or parent project?

  19. How do I delete / deactivate users?

  20. How do I delete a (sub)project? / Why can't I delete a (sub)project?

  21. How do I delete an invoice?

  22. How do I invoice and track a project with a deposit?

  23. How do I sync with iCal?

  24. How to configure and understand Yanomo KPI's (billability, capacity, etc.)

  25. How to transfer time entries/expenses from one project or sub-project to another

  26. I have updated / I want to change my rates. What will happen / how do I do it?

  27. Importing requirements

  28. Tracking time and invoicing with approval step

  29. What you should know about invoice emailing

  30. When does my Google calendar get updated and synced?

  31. When my projects turn "red", what does it mean?

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