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How do I invoice and track a project with a deposit?

When you're doing a project with an unknown end budget, you'll often invoice your client a deposit upfront to have your initial costs covered. How does your invoice / project / budget flow look in Yanomo?

The best practice to handle this scenario in Yanomo:
  1. Manually create an invoice for the deposit, and send it to the client.
  2. Create a project for this client with a budget that equals the deposit.
  3. When making expenses or doing actual work for this client, log those activities to this project.
  4. As soon as budget runs out for this project, go back to the original invoice and link the expenses/ hours to the invoice. You can do this with the link / unlink button all the way down on the invoice page.
  5. From here on, you can create a new project / budget and log subsequent expenses / hours to that. You can also automatically create any subsequent invoices directly from these hours / expenses.

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