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2. Adding & inviting users to your Yanomo account

As an admin, you can invite new users to join the Yanomo account by using the "invite box" on the dashboard. Simply add email addresses, separated by comma's, and invite. The users will get an email and will be asked to log in and fill in their details.

An alternate way is to use the "+ user" button found under "Team & Clients". This will allow you to fully add users and their contact details yourself, and is the way to go if you want to control the speed and thoroughness of the setup.

Should, for some reason, an invited user not get an invite email, there are 3 possible solutions:
  1. Check if the entered email address doesn't contain a typo.
  2. Check if the entered email address can receive other email.
  3. Check if the invited user hasn't accidentally marked our message as SPAM. This will cause our mail server to block this user from receiving followup messages, and will make it impossible for him or her to receive an invite, until the message marked as SPAM is unmarked.

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