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8. Creating your invoice template (Plan Business only)

You can faithfully reproduce your (paper) invoice templates in Yanomo. To do so, go to Account and then to Invoice Settings.

On the top of the page, you can specify your standard Payment terms and Invoice ID format.

Scroll slightly lower, and you'll see the default Invoice template. To customize:

1. Choose 1 out of 5 standard invoice layouts available.
2. Choose if you want to include page, client account and project numbers.
3. Edit the formats of the dotted line areas directly in your browser by moving your mouse of those areas and clicking EDIT.
  • You will now be transported to an HTML editor which allows you great flexibility to configure fonts, colors and spacing. 
  • ${INVOICE_DEBTOR} and ${INVOICE_CREDITOR} will dynamically display your customer's and your address, respectively.
  • The invoice headers can currently not be edited.
When you're done editing, don't forget to click "SAVE" on the lower right hand corner.

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