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Everything you need to know about exporting from Yanomo to Excel

You can easily export your data - or any slice of that data - from Yanomo to Excel, by selecting the "XLS" export above the reporting tables. (Customize the contents of the export by going to the "raw data" tab and select "Export Settings).

However, should you need to work with CSV, you can sometimes run into troubles because Excel doesn't always play nicely when reading CSV files, especially when your country settings are inconsistent across your system.

To flawlessly get your raw data from Yanomo into Excel, follow these steps.

1. Go to the "Reporting" tab in Yanomo.

2. Select the desired time frame and click "logbook" in the row under the project figures. (You can also select other filters as you please - the process is the same.)

3. Click on "Export". Yanomo will now prepare a CSV export. Save the file to your computer.

Important: on many operating systems, CSV files are associated with Microsoft Excel. However, Excel often has difficulty interpreting CSV files by itself, so you need to help it out a little by doing a manual import.

4. Don't doubleclick on the file you downloaded; instead, simply start Excel.

5. Under file, start a "New Workbook". Next, also in the File Menu, find and select "Import".

6. Select "CSV file". Now find the CSV file you just downloaded, and select it.

7. Excel now starts a Text Import Wizard. During step 1, always select "Delimited". Under "File origin", either select your native language or Unicode 6.1 UTF-8. 

8. Leave the other options untouched. Click "Next" and go to Step 2. In the Data preview, you want to see are your data columns neatly separated. If this is not the case, try unchecking "Comma" and checking "Semicolon" - or vice versa. 

9. When you see the columns break down neatly, click "Finish".

That's it!

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