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How to configure and understand Yanomo KPI's (billability, capacity, etc.)

Yanomo reporting provides you with a large number of KPI's, for both straightforward and advanced insight into the way your organization is performing.
  • To add KPI's to your reporting, click the "Report columns" button and add as many KPI's as you like.
  • To find what KPI's mean, hover your mouse over the header rows. This triggers explanations of the formulas to pop up.
  • To find out how a specific percentage is calculated, hover over the actual numbers. This will trigger an explanation of the calculation with the raw numbers.
If you're wondering how a specific capacity is calculated: this is derived from the number of working hours per week that have been specified on a user's account settings tab, minus time logged to projects you have specified not be included in billable capacity. Admins can always modify this.

Billable% can be more than 100% if people are logging more hours than their capacity in that timeframe.

Important: Capacity is calculated from the time the user becomes active in the system. If you retroactively log time to a time frame before the user became active in Yanomo, his or her capacity will not catch up to this and the billable% will be overstated.

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