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1. Start tracking your time!

Yanomo offers 3 distinct ways to track time, all of them easy and intuitive. Try them all, and see what works for you!

Option 1: Simply click and drag the time frame on your calendar, either on your dashboard or calendar tab. A time entry screen will pop up where you can select the customer and/or project, the activity/rate, and optionally provide a description.

This option works best when you have your calendar synced.

IMPORTANT: In your general settings found under Account, you can specify if you want to track time to Projects, Clients & Projects, or Projects via Client selection. Projects is default.

  • Select Projects if you typically run projects with unique, easily identifiable names, regardless of client. This keeps the interface simple but is not useful if you run projects with similar names for a variety of clients.
  • Select Clients & Projects if you typically work for clients without specifically defined projects. This would be the case if you're a lawyer, administrator or consultancy working on an adhoc basis.
  • Select Projects via Client selection if you run similar types of projects for a variety of clients. This is typically the case if you run an marketing agency, architectural agency or consultancy firm. 
Also, rates can be specified extensively. We'll deal with that in a separate article on rates.

Option 2. Click the +time button. This will allow you to enter a time entry and specify the duration manually.

Option 3. Visit the Calendar tab and select the Matrix view. This will allow you to quickly enter a week's worth of logged time Excel-style. To add a description, simply click the speech bubble icon.

This option works best if your typical work week is scattered across multiple short activities.

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